Save Money on Hidden Costs for Contractors

 No matter why you hire a contractor, one thing is certain: you will spend a good amount of money. In addition to supplies, you pay for labor. Hiring a contractor is a great idea if you have decided that the best solution is to hire a professional instead of doing it yourself. That said, there are hidden costs that can turn this whole process into a nightmare. Below are a number of hidden contractor costs that I have “grabbed” in recent months:

1. Service costs. When you call a contractor to set up an in-home consultation, it is important to ask if there are any service costs. With this you have to pay money to let the contractor visit your house and offer a quote. As you can imagine, this is nothing more than a waste of money. There are enough contractors who will give you a free quote. Last month, when I spoke to a roofer, I was told that they charge $ 50 for a first consultation and then $ 25 for any follow-up questions that require a new visit. I never thought twice about hiring this company. For me, the follow-up fee was completely unreasonable.

2. sneak into upgrades you didn’t ask for. In addition to the work you have to do, some contractors tell you that there are many other things that require your attention. As if this is not bad enough, I caught two contractors trying to sneak extra work into the contract without telling me. When they were approached, they both had the same answer: I thought you wouldn’t mind because it has to be done anyway. I have no problem with a contractor who gives advice. In fact, I welcome it because they are the professionals. But I absolutely don’t like it when this is done without my knowledge. It not only means more work for my house, but it also has a higher price.

3. Verbiage on additional costs as the project progresses. It is essential that you receive a robust quotation. The last thing you want is a $ 1k price, for example, to find the contractor asking for another $ 500. I know things can happen during a job that can change the price. At the same time, the contractor is responsible for knowing what they are starting to do and then providing a quote that covers every detail. There is a big difference between a contractor asking for more money because they have found something that was not visible at first, and that you simply scammed because they knew you could fall for it. For example, a roofer may not know that the wood under your shingles is rotten until they start work. At this point they must come to you, explain the situation and ask how you want to proceed.


Use common sense when you hire someone to work at your home. If you come across hidden costs that you consider unfair, continue searching for a better contractor.

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